Who won the 2015/2016 English Premier League title?

The Premier League is one of the most popular football championships in the world. It is not surprising that this tournament has become one of most popular in the history of the world football.
In the current season, the Premier League has become even more popular. The English Premier league is one the most prestigious championships in Europe. This is not only because of the great football players who play in the team, but also because of its history.
The history of this tournament is rich and interesting. The first champion of England was Leicester, who won the championship in 1878. Leicester was the first champion in England. The team was led by the legendary football player, the legendary Harry Redknapp.

The team won the champion title for the first time in the club’s history. This was the third time in a row that Leicester won the title. The second champion was Sheffield United, who was led for a long time by the famous football player and manager, Stanley Matthews.
After the departure of Matthews, the team was won by the football player from Manchester United, Wayne Rooney. Rooney won the English championship for the second time.
However, the most successful champion of the Premier league was Manchester City. The club won the Premier championship for a record-tying 7th time in 9 seasons.
This year, the club will try to defend its title. Manchester City is the main favorite of the tournament. Manchester United is also a strong contender for the title, but they have not been as successful as their main rival.
Who is the best team in the Premier?
The main contender for winning the title is Manchester City, but the team has a number of strong rivals. The following teams are considered to be the main favorites of the season:
* Chelsea;
* Liverpool;
* Arsenal;
* Tottenham;

* Manchester United;
The other teams are not considered to have a good chance of winning the champion’s title. However, they are not the main contenders for the champion’s title.
You can always follow the results of the English Premier club championship on the sports statistics website. The Premier league has a lot of interesting matches, and it is easy to follow the latest results of each match.
What are the main goals of the champion?
Manchester City is considered to become the champion of Britain for a third time. The previous two times it was won with the help of Leicester and Sheffield United.
City has a good lineup and is ready to play against the main rivals. Manchester clubs have a long history in the English football championship. The last time the team won a championship was in 1992. The main rival of the team is Liverpool. The Merseysiders have won the champions title for a total of 8 times.
Manchester United is not the only contender for victory in the championship. Chelsea is also considered to win the champion. The Blues have a very good lineup, which is ready for any match. Liverpool is considered the main rival, but it is not as strong as Manchester City and Chelsea.
There are a lot more teams that can be considered to the main competitors of Manchester City in the current English Premier.
How to follow live football score today?
It is easy and convenient to follow football live score today. It has become much easier to follow today’ football match. You just need to visit the sports information website to get the latest information.
It has a special section on the website where you can find the latest live football scores. It provides the latest football news, as well as statistics and other information. The information on the site is updated in real time. You can always find the information on football matches that are held in different parts of the globe.
Football is one popular sport that is loved by millions of fans all over the world, and the Premier tournament is one more popular tournament that is held every year. The tournament is held between the top teams in the country, and each team has to win it.
Latest football results of Manchester United
The season of the football championship of England has come to an end, and Manchester United has won the coveted title. It was the team’ soccer that won the most trophies in the season.
United is the most famous team in England, and its players have won many trophies. The most famous trophy of the club is the English Championship. The players of the Red Devils won the trophy for the third year in arow.
Jose Mourinho’ s team has won a record number of trophies. They won the league for the fourth time in 5 years. The current champion of United is Manchester United. The Red Devils have a number and a good selection of players.
They have a lot to choose from, and they are ready to do their best to win. The squad of the Manchester United can compete with any other team in Europe, and this is one reason why the team became the most powerful club in the football world.
Team’ performance in the Champions League
The Champions League is another popular tournament of the year. This tournament is played between the best teams in Europe and is one step above the domestic championship.
Liverpool is considered as the main contender of the Champions league. The Reds have a strong lineup, and their players are ready for every match. The Liverpool players are not only strong in the attack, but are also able to defend their positions.

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