Who will win the Spanish La Liga 2016/2017 season?

The season of the Spanish championship has come to an end, and the contenders for the title are already visible. The main contenders for winning the coveted trophy are:
* Real Madrid;
* Barcelona;
• Atletico;
The first three teams have already won the trophy, and now they are ready to fight for the gold.
The main advantage of the teams that have already been in the final stage of the season is the experience of winning the title. This is why the last season was so memorable for the fans.
In the last few seasons, the teams have been able to play in the Champions League and the Europa League, and this is the main reason for the success of the clubs in the domestic arena.

The Spanish La liga is the most popular football league in the world. It is the championship of the country that is loved by millions of fans. The season has come and the struggle for the champion title has already started.
It is easy to follow the results of the matches of the championship on the website of sports statistics. The information is updated in real time, which allows you to be the first to learn about the changes in the standings.
All the latest news on La Liga
The championship of Spain has already ended, and all the teams are ready for the fight for gold medals. The teams that are considered the main favorites for the trophy are Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico, and Valencia.
Real Madrid is considered one of the main contenders to win the title for several reasons. First of all, it has the best lineup in the history of the club. This fact is very important, because the team has been in a constant state of change for several years.
Among the main players of the team are: Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, Bale, and others. The lineup of the Royal Club is impressive, and it is very difficult to replace it.
Barcelona has also been in great shape for several seasons. The team has a good lineup, which is very good for the team. The club has already won several trophies, and its fans are very demanding.
Atletico is a team that has already become a favorite of the fans of football. The Spanish team has an impressive lineup, and many of its stars are able to perform at the highest level.
Valencia is also a team with a good roster, and they are able not only to win, but also to be in the top three of the standings, which they have already managed to do several times.
However, the main advantage that the club has is the fact that it has a great coach. Diego Simeone has already managed the team to win several trophies.
You can follow the latest results of La Liga on the sports statistics website. Here, you will find the latest information on the matches that are held in the Spanish championships.
Who will be the main favorite of this season?
It will be very difficult for Real Madrid to repeat its success of last season, because many of the players are not in the best shape. However, the team will be able to fight against the favorites of the tournament and will be ready to do their best.
Many fans are waiting for the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, who is considered to be one of Real Madrid’s main competitors. The Portuguese player has already scored several important goals for the club, and he is able to help the team in the fight against its main competitors in the tournament.
Another contender for the main title is Barcelona. The Catalans have a good squad, and their main competitors are Atletico and Valencia, who are also considered to have a decent lineup.
This season, the Catalans will have to play against Real Sociedad, which has a very good lineup. This will be another test for the Catalonians, who have been in this tournament for several times already.
Main contenders for victory in the championship
The Champions League is the best league of the Old World. It attracts the best football players from all over the world, and every match of the Champions league is a real battle for the victory.
There are several teams in the competition for the final place in the group stage, and each of them has a chance to qualify for the next stage of European competitions.
One of the best teams in Europe is Barcelona, which plays in the Catalan championship. The Catalan team has already qualified for the ChampionsLeague, and in the next season it will be even more difficult to qualify.
Despite the fact, that the team is not in a good shape, it is still able to win a place in this season’s Champions League. The following factors are the main reasons for this:
1. Excellent lineup. The players of Barcelona are able, despite the fact they are not the best in the Old Continent, to play at the top level. The current season has already shown that the players of this team are able and motivated to win.
2. Good teamwork. The Barcelona team has become a real team, and everyone knows their capabilities.
3. Good results. The previous season, many of Barcelona’ players were not able to demonstrate their best game, but this season they are already able to do it. The fans are looking forward to see how the team performs in the current season.

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