Who was the 2015/2016 English Premier League top goalscorer?

The season of the English Premier league has come to an end, and the fans have already seen the results of the competition. The winner of the season was Manchester City, which won the title for the first time in its history. The previous time it happened, it was in the previous season, and it was the team of Josep Guardiola that won the champion title.
The previous season was a real roller coaster, and this time the fans can expect a lot of surprises. However, the main favorite of the championship is Manchester City. The team of Manuel Pellegrini is quite capable of winning the champion trophy again, and they are the favorites of the tournament.

The main goal of the team is to win the title of the best team in the world. They have already managed to do this, and now it’s their turn to do it again. The main contenders for the title are:
* Manchester United;
* Liverpool;
• Chelsea;
· Arsenal;
These teams have a good chance of winning, but the main goal for the team should be to get into the Champions League zone.
Who were the main contenders of the title?
The teams that are considered as the main favorites of this season are: Manchester City; Liverpool; Chelsea; Arsenal; Tottenham.
This is a good opportunity to see the results and the final standings of the Premier league. The season has ended, and we can see the final results of it. The fans can watch the matches on the reliable platform.
What is the Premier League?
This season, the English championship has become quite interesting. It is the second most popular tournament in the history of the world, and there are a lot more matches that can be watched on the website of sports statistics.
It is worth noting that this season the Premier tournament is also interesting because of the absence of the big teams. This is the first season when the English football championship has no more than the top 4 teams.
In the previous championship, the teams that were considered as main favorites were:
• Manchester United, Liverpool; and
• Arsenal.
Now, it is the turn of Chelsea and Tottenham. The latter is the main contender for the champion’ title, but it has a lot to prove. The club has a good lineup, and many of them are already in the top-4 of the standings.
However, the fans of the club have high hopes for it. They can see it on the Premier website.
How to watch the final matches of the EPL?
Now it is easy to watch all the matches of this championship. The website of the sports statistics provides the latest information on the matches that are held at the moment.
Manchester City is the team that is considered as one of the main competitors of Liverpool. The Citizens are the main rival of the Merseysiders, and their main goal is to get to the Champions league zone. The last time they managed to get there was in 2015.
You can always follow the results on the sports platform. The site of sports analytics has all the necessary information about the matches, and you can find it on any device.
Where can you find the results?
You should visit the website every day to get the latest results of matches. It has a special section for the Premier, where you will find the latest news.
All the information about this championship is available on the platform of sports analysis. The results of all the games are available for you to see. You can also follow the development of events on the site of statistics. It provides the results in both live and archive mode.
Fans can follow the Epl results on a special page. It contains the information on all the Premier tournaments. It also includes the results from the matches held in the Champions and Europa League.
Which clubs are in the EFL Cup zone?
In this season, there are several clubs that are in a special zone of the European competitions. These are: ​​Barcelona; Manchester United and Liverpool.
Liverpool is in the zone of EPL, but its main goal this season is to qualify for the Champions club tournament. The Reds have already done it, and if they want to get further, they need to win at the domestic arena.
Barcelona is in a similar situation. The Catalans are in great shape, and although they have a lot ahead of them, they are still able to win. However they need a lot from their players, and especially Lionel Messi.
If the Argentinean player continues to score goals, the team will be able to get a place in the elite division.
Will the team manage to win in the domestic championship?
Barça is the most likely candidate for the victory in the championship. It’ll be interesting to see how the team performs in the international arena. The first matches of Ernesto Valverde’ squad have already shown that they are capable of playing in the European cups.
Many people consider Messi to be the best player of the planet. The Argentinean is able to score a lot, and he is also able to create a lot. This makes him a really dangerous player for the opponents.
Messi is also very good at creating chances for his teammates. This allows the team to score.

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