Man United can win the Premier League next season! – Ronaldo

Manchester United can be the main contender for the title again, but it will be extremely difficult for the Red Devils to win the coveted trophy. The team has a number of problems, and the main one is the lack of motivation.

The last time the club won the Premier league was in 1990. The previous time it was in the previous season, too. The reason for this is that the Red devils were not in the best shape at the time. The main problem of the team was the lack motivation. The players were tired of playing for the team, and they didn’t want to play for the champion title.
The main problem is that this time the team has the best players in the world, and if they are not in good shape, then the team will not be able to win.
However, the players of the club are not going to give up, and it is not going too far to say that they will win the title. The problem is the fact that the team is not in a good shape and they have a number problems.
It is very important for the club to solve these problems, because the fans of the Premier are waiting for the new season, and this time they will definitely not miss any game of the champions.
Football scores today
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In the current season, Manchester United is the main competitor of the leaders of the English Premier League. The Red Devils have a good chance to win it. The club has a good selection of players, and even the leaders are not at the level of the main competitors.
Among the leaders, the following are the main contenders for the victory of the title:
* Zlatan Ibrahimovic;
* Wayne Rooney;
* David De Gea;
* Anthony Martial;
* Anthony Martial.
All of them have a chance to become the best player of the season. The Portuguese player scored a lot of goals, and he is not the only one. The other players also scored a great number of goals.
United is the leader of the EPL, but the team can be much stronger than it is. The rivals of the Red Devil’ players are:
• Liverpool;
• Chelsea;
· Arsenal;
And the list goes on.
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Main rivalries in the Epl
The current season is the most important for Manchester United, because it is the last chance to get into the Champions League. If the club fails to win this tournament, then it will lose its place in the top-4 of the league.
As for the rivals of Manchester United in the current EPL season, the team of Jose Mourinho is not a good choice. The coach of the Portuguese club is not able to motivate the players, because they are tired of the games and the results of the previous matches.
Moreover, the rivals have a lot more experience than the Red team. The leaders of Mourinho’ team are: Zlatko Ibrahimovic, Anthony Martial, and Alexis Sanchez. The last two players have already won the Champions league, so they are the leaders in the English championship.
If the team fails to get the Champions title, then Mourinho� will be the first to blame.
New season of the Champions
The new season of Champions League starts on the 28th of August, and there are a lot to look forward to. The new season will be interesting not only for the fans, but also for the main teams of the tournament.
Of course, the main favorites of the new Champions League are: Real Madrid; Manchester City; Barcelona; and Bayern Munich. The teams have a great chance to qualify for the next stage of the competition.
At the moment, the leaders have a fairly good chance, but they can improve their position. The following are some of the problems of the teams that can be solved by the new coach:
1. The lack of experience of the coach.
2. Lack of motivation of the players.
3. Inability to play in the Champions.
4. Lackadaisical behavior of the opponents.
5. Unsuccessful transfers.
6. Lack and poor organization of the game.
7. Lack in the level and quantity of the goals scored.
8. Inaccurate passing.
9. Lack on the level in the game of each team.
10. Lack the teamwork.
11. Lack a good level of individual skills of the coaches.
12. Lack an effective training schedule.
13. Lack motivation of players.
If you look at the list of the most likely teams for the final victory in the new tournament, you will see that Real Madrid is the team that is the strongest in the tournament, and its rivals have not yet been able to get to the final stage.
Now, the Champions are the best league in the Old World. The competition is so intense that you can easily lose points.

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