Coutinho to Barcelona – Possible transfer deal

Coutinha will be a great acquisition for the Catalan club. The Portuguese has already managed to become a key player in the team and has already scored a lot of important goals.
The player is able to do this thanks to a good understanding with the players of the team. The team has a good structure and a good lineup, which allows to play the game with the maximum of intensity.
Consequently, the team will be able to achieve a lot in the long run. The main thing is to get to the Champions League zone and to win the cup.
However, the main thing for the team is to be in the top 4 of La Liga. This will allow to get a lot more transfers and to be able not to miss anything important.

The transfer of Coutinho is a good opportunity for the club to get into the Champions league zone. This is very important for the fans, as they will be the first to know about the news.
In addition, the player is a great addition to the squad, as he is able not only to strengthen the position of the club, but also to make a lot from the sale of players.
Moreover, the Portuguese player is also able to bring stability to the team, which is very useful for the future of the players. The club has a long and successful history, so the players will not have any problems to find a new club.
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Latest news on the transfers of Barcelona
Barcelona is one of the main clubs of La liga. The Catalan club is in the middle of the standings, and is one step away from the Champions Cup zone.
This summer, the club has managed to sign a number of players, who are able to strengthen its position. Among the most important are:
* Coutinho;
* Rakitic;
* Busquets;
* Messi.
All of them are able, together with the club’s management, to make the club one of La rondine’s main competitors.
One of the most interesting transfers was the signing of Messi. The Argentinean player is one important addition to Barcelona, as the club will be one of its main competitors in the Champions cup zone. The player is an excellent striker, who can score a lot.
Messi is able, thanks to his strength, to score a goal from any position on the field. The goal scorer can also make a number on the scoreboard.
Thus, the transfer of Messi is a real chance for the Barcelona to get closer to the top-4 of the championship.
Barcelonas chances in the next season
The club has already been in the second place of the La ligue 1 for a long time. Thus, the players have managed to get the necessary results and to get close to the playoffs.
Now, the management of the Catalan team is working on the transfer market. The most interesting thing is the acquisition of a good striker. The transfer of the player will allow the club not only get into La lige ronde, but will also strengthen its positions.
As a result, the Catalan squad will be stronger and will be capable of achieving a lot, which will please the fans.
At the same time, the fans will also be able, in the near future, to follow the progress of events on the football field.
Main transfer news of Barcelona in the summer
The main transfer news for the Catalans was the acquisition by the club of Neymar. The Brazilian player is the main addition to their lineup, as well as a good replacement for the injured Suarez.
Neymar is able in addition to scoring a lot to give the team a positive result. The acquisition of the Brazilian player will be very useful, as it will allow Barcelona to be one step closer to getting into the top four of the ligue1.
It is worth noting that the club is also working on strengthening its positions, which can be seen in the transfer news. Thus the club signed Rakitic, who is able both to strengthen and to improve the positions of the clubs.
Also, the acquisition was made of Busquetts, who will be an excellent addition to Messi. This transfer will allow Messi to get more comfortable in the field, which in the future will allow him to score more goals. The signing of Busquetts will also allow the team to get rid of the problem of the lack of a striker.
Another important addition is the signing by the team of Coutinha, who has already become a main player of the Barcelona. The French player will help the club in various ways.
For example, the signing will allow Coutinho to get some rest and will allow his teammates to get used to the new player.
Will Coutinho replace Suarez?
The arrival of the Portuguese is a positive news for Barcelona. Thus it will be possible to get out of the middle-of-the-table zone. However, the arrival of Coutino will be not the only positive thing for Barcelona, because the club also has a number 1 goal scorer in Messi. Thus Barcelona will be ready to compete for the title in the coming season.

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